A variation of design projects


Meditative objects, 2009,Stanford 

How would a meditative object feel like, look like?I tried to find the ideal form , which made you relax and enjoy the sense of touch.

I made 4 different casted shapes with different colours and weights.

Networks of Secrets-Design Thesis, 2011, Stanford

Together with a team of 5 students from Stanford, representing business, technology and human factors, we created a better understanding of social movements on the internet and how we could create a successful, online travel network. Where a traveller can access the "secret" spots which you will never find in a guidebook, because we are no longer living in a Lonely Planet but a Connected Planet.

The project ended with an app inspired by mobile usage, group formation and knowledge sharing. Unfortunately the app doesn't exist anymore.

-  Below you will find links to articles on how we introduced our team-members to the design process:



Tea-Ceremony, 2004, Bournemouth arts institute 

Creating an everyday act as making tea into a ceremonial experience for the British market.

3D sketches and material exploration for Futur 5, Peclers Paris, 2005

Graphics for student organisation in Oslo

Graphics for branded car, Anthon B Nielsen, 2003

 qvisten animation, 2006

BBQ project, 2009, Stanford